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FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions 

Have FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions?  You’ve come to the right place!

Q: Is BacKrete® safe for the environment?
 Yes! BacKrete® products are eco-friendly and seed your stained surfaces with natural living, stain-eating bacteria.

Q: Is BacKrete® safe for landscaping materials, such as grass, shrubs and flowers?
A: Yes! BacKrete® will not harm grass, plants, flowers, shrubs, trees, or any wildlife or pets that live in the area where it is applied.

Q: Does the suface need to be wet before applying BacKrete® waterless concrete cleaner?
A: No. BacKrete® waterless concrete cleaner should be applied to dry concrete surfaces. However, the product will remain effective even if it lightly rains on the treated area after application.

Q: How much BacKrete® waterless concrete cleaner do I need for the area I want to clean?
A: Under normal usage, apply 2-4 oz. per automobile drip zone, and 4-8 oz. per diesel drip zone.

Q: Do I need special tools to apply BacKrete® products?
A: BacKrete® products are best applied with the applicators and surface preparation brushes that we have tested and proven to maximize the effectiveness of our products. For more details, please visit our Order page.

Q: In what size packages are BacKrete® products sold?
A: BacKrete® Eco-Friendly and Waterless Concrete Cleaner is available in individual 16lb. pails, and can be shipped in pallets of 48 pails. BacKrete® Food Grease Digester is sold by the case, each case containing six 1-quart bottles and one foaming sprayer.

Q: How long can I store the powdered BacKrete® Eco-Friendly and Waterless Concrete Cleaner?
A: The official answer is (12) months from date of purchase in normal storage. However, the bacteria can lay dormant up to 2 years.  So even if the lid were opened the product would still be good.  But excessive heat, at 160 degrees or greater will kill the bacteria. Freezing temperature will hold the bacteria dormant, but it will revive once it warms up. However, the powder will still absorb at most any temperature.  For the bacteria to flourish, they need a hydrocarbon food source, like diesel fuel, moderate temperature 50- 100 degrees, and moisture.

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