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I am very pleased to announce today that Enterprise Supply has finally found a replacement product for ReKrete.  For over a year I have been searching for a product which met all my criteria.  It had to be effective in cleaning oil stains from concrete, it had to be cutting edge technology, and it had to be environmentally safe to use.

BacKrete® Waterless Concrete CleanerDuring this time enzyme chemists were working to formulate a waterless concrete cleaning product better than what was currently available; a product based on new technology and with a better understanding of how enzymes and bacteria actually work.

The result is BacKrete®.  It is fifteen years advanced from the technology that went into ReKrete and is much safer to use.  For detailed information on what BacKrete® is, click here.

We have also developed an extremely effective organic stain remover.  Our BacKrete® Food/Grease Digester is a multiple enzyme formulation that is used on organic stains and soils.  It cleans and digests urine, blood, fecal stains, vomit, organic grease, cooking oil and dirt soils.  This product can used used as a laundry pretreatment to remove stains from clothing.

Products will be available for shipping by the second week of July, 2012.  I look forward to hearing back from you and welcome comments how you used the product and what types of results you obtained.  We also welcome before and after pictures!

So, check back often as we will be adding more products and news about these amazing products.

Walter Brown

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